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Electrical Shower Installations

Installing a new electric shower can be a difficult task and requires careful planning, luckily, BES Electrical are specialists in installing top quality electric showers. BES Electrical cover all aspects of the installation from wiring, fitting and plumbing. As with all our services we promise to deliver on time, on budget and consult you throughout the installation process.

All members of our team at BES Electrical are registered with the Electrical Contractors Safety & Standards Association (ECSSA). Call us now for a quote! 01 4854954


For a high-quality electrical shower installation contact BES Electrical now. We are fully registered and serve customers throughout Dublin city and county.

Benefits of Electric Showers

Instant Heat: by installing an electric shower you no longer have to wait for your water to heat up, you can shower any time you like and instantly have hot water.
Integrated Pump: electric showers come with an integrated pump providing you with a consistent, strong flow of water.
Low Costs: as your water is only heated when it is required you no longer waste money on costly immersion heaters.
Temperature Control: electric showers come with a simple to use temperature control allowing you to easily adjust the water to your liking.
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