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House Rewiring

BES Electrical provides a comprehensive rewiring service to ensure your wiring is both properly installed and up to date. Problems can arise from both your visible and hidden wires, so it is important to be aware of some of the warning signs. Rewiring can be quite a dangerous job and should only be undertaken by trained, fully registered professionals such as those at BES Electrical. At all times we ensure that we are adhering to the highest standards with regards to quality and health and safety.

The price for rewiring depends on the size and specifications of your premises; contact us now for a quote! 01 4854954


For a high-quality house rewiring service contact BES Electrical now. We are fully registered and serve customers throughout Dublin city and county.

Signs Your House Needs To Be Rewired

Age: rewiring is often required to replace old wiring. If the wiring in your home is over 25 years old it is recommended you perform a rewiring of the premises.
Outlets, Switches, Cables: if you notice discoloured outlets and switches, worn plugs and sockets or outlets and cords that are overheating these can all be signs that your home needs to be rewired.
Smell: if you notice a burning smell this can indicate an electrical short which will require a rewiring service in order to remedy. An electrical short can be a fire hazard so if you notice this smell call our emergency number: 01 4854954
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